PCBA - PCB Assembly service

On our highly efficient manufacturing line, composed of brand-name machines, our experienced staff assembles and tests your boards within the shortest amount of time. We are located in the EU, making delivery simple.
Quality equipment

We manufacture with top-of-the-line equipment including EKRA stencil printers, Yamaha pick and place machines, and Vitronics reflow ovens.

Quick turnaround

There are two shifts and over 14 thousand parts can be processed per hour on the single line. Your boards can be assembled in no time!


Let us handle everything: Pair PCBA service with PCB and parts procurement, and you will get finished boards with minimal hassle.


Electrical or firmware test processes of any kind will be performed according to your specifications, and test reports will be generated if needed.


For your assembled products, we will use industry-standard ESD-safe packaging. Custom packaging is also available if you need it.

In order to assemble your PCB, what do we need?


Gerber files and BOM

To assemble your PCB, we will need your Gerber files - those you use to manufacture the PCB, as well as Bill of Materials (BOM).



Original CAD Design files

Don’t have gerbers? That’s not an issue. We will prepare your Altium Designer, Eagle, or KiCAD files for manufacturing.

Need your PCBs made? Looking for parts?

At our partner facility, we can manufacture circuit boards for you. The company has provided us with excellent service for many years at very fair prices. As with parts procurement, we can deliver your parts from authorized distributors through an established supply chain.


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