You have found a reliable partner for your electronic Research & Development.

Our highly qualified team with the access to the right equipment can provide top-of-the-line development services for your electronic devices, all under one roof. 
Quality team

Each member of our R&D team holds a master's degree in electrical engineering or software engineering. 


We are committed to protecting our customers' intellectual property and will sign their NDAs without hesitation.


As hardware enthusiasts ourselves, we are passionate about delivering the best product.


We have completed many projects, so we know how to avoid problems that might otherwise occur.


We have a quality supply chain and manufacturing line, so you won't have to worry about the steps after R&D.

The areas we specialize in are:

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IoT (Internet of Things) devices

Low-power, small footprint devices.

e-paper (EPD) devices

Great visibility with minimal power usage.

Integrated embedded systems

Microcontroller-based embedded systems.

IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of Things devices are devices that send or receive data over the internet. These devices are often small in size and have long battery lives due to their nature. Example of projects include sensoric standalone devices, smart actuators and Human-Computer Interface machines. 

EPD - e-paper

The E-Paper Display, or EPD, is a special type of screen that uses energy only when changing its contents, thus being ultra-low power. Its great visibility in any environment makes it a perfect display for many applications. The Inkplate board series (programmable desktop displays) and other indoor signage projects are examples of our work.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems include any kind of standalone, electrically powered device, and we have designed many of them. Most often based on a microcontroller with added peripherals, examples of projects include: 

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